"Chroma/Kinesis II" , monotype, 30" x 30", 2014


Chroma Kinesis Series - 2014

The Chroma/Kinesis series is inspired by contemporary classical music. This new series layers the three primary colors as a visual analogy of the layering of melodic lines and motives in music.

The shapes now evoke the generally edgy sounds and dramatic juxtapositions of modernist music, while the linear elements connect the shapes, and give a sense of movement. They also suggest the lines of the staff, as well as the strings of bowed and plucked instruments.

The monotype technique follows my previous work as a painter, giving me the flexibility of creating variations on a theme, rather than consistent editions, and allows me to develop unique prints, using a variety of tools, applying litho and etching inks to plexiglass plates.

30"x30" monotypes printed by Marina Ancona at 10 Grand Press

15"x15" monotypes printed by the artist at the Lower East Side Printshop

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